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Danacoid gibt die allgemeine Verfügbarkeit des intelligenten Audio-Video-über-IP-Ökosystems DyneNet auf der InfoComm 2019 bekannt

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Provides unmatched AV real time video wall and multi-view operation over 10GbE up to 30km while eliminating expensive AV matrix switchers; opens US headquarters

Danacoid, a leading global innovator and manufacturer of intelligent networked Audio Visual (AV) over IP product solutions for the Pro AV market, announced today the general availability of its newly developed DyneNetTM 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Video over IP product family. Danacoid will debut DyneNet and a variety of other AV over IP solutions at InfoComm 2019, June 12th -14th, in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center, Exhibit Hall – West Level 2, in Booth 1180.

The DyneNet ecosystem family of products for intelligent AV distribution sets the bar for unparalleled performance over 10GbE technology, enabling limitless endpoints up to 30 kilometers from the source. It is built to the robust SDVoE technology standard, provides the ability to switch, extend, and distribute in real time, uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video signals, with no latency, over copper or optical fiber connections, utilizing low-cost off-the-shelf 10GbE switches instead of expensive AV matrix switchers.

DyneNet includes a world-class, dynamic user interface that enables touch control from a Windows or iOS device on the network with built-in visualized feedback preview. Moreover, the number of endpoints in a DyneNet system is only limited by the number available 10GbE switch ports, enabling I/O arrays of virtually any size. The embedded intelligence in all DyneNet endpoints enables units to be hot-plugged and recognized by the system within a few seconds. This capability allows systems to be easily reconfigured and expanded in the field without the need for extensive programming.

By concurrently supporting both matrix switching and video wall capabilities, this inclusive family of broadcast quality products can be configured for market applications ranging from broadcast, sporting arenas, casinos, medical, multi-media conference rooms, central command centers to commercial site-to-site video wall and multi-view applications incorporating multiple signal sources and output to a scalable video wall display or to multiple display devices.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Upscaling and downscaling with aspect ratio management
  • Massive video source windowing with live thumbnail videos
  • Built in video processing including Overlay, PiP, Multi-View, Video Splicing, and Roaming
  • Ultra-low latency KVM with Cross Zone Pointer
  • HBR audio, Dolby, DTS, and other high-performance audio capabilities
  • Fan-less enclosure design, ultra-silent, lightweight
  • Visualized interactive user interface for system operation and preview
  • Real time status monitoring and automated warning messages
  • SDVoE architecture

Unique to the DyneNet system which results in its unrivaled performance, configuration flexibility and simplicity in design, installation, and maintenance are its four primary components: 1) DN-Server; 2) DN-Design; 3) DN-UI Control and 4) DN-Monitor.

The DyneNet system consist of multiple transmitter and receiver endpoints, a 10GbE network switch and a Linux based DN-Server, which provides the central interface between the control equipment/software, third party equipment and the DyneNet endpoint devices. Systems can be managed using a number of control methods, including the use of an API command set which enables the technology to be seamlessly integrated into a variety of workflows using the DN-Server.

DN-Design: Visualized System Design Software
The DN-Design is a customizable windows-based WYSIWYG visualized software application that controls and configures DyneNet endpoints devices, video walls and overall systems and makes the system integration process easier, faster and more efficient. The software is based on a rich third party device library. Because of its visual capability, the software provides a visualized WYSIWYG design and control interface. The interface window can be set to any size, and supports interactive system control via Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

DN-UI Control: Visualized Control and Management

The DN-UI software supports Windows and iOS, and controls the whole DyneNet platform from a terminal or by a wireless touch management terminal. The WYSIWYG software also supports query for various types of information and provides real-time preview retrieval on video sources. In addition, the software allows equipment status monitoring and feedback to be displayed on any management terminal.

DN-Monitor: Platform Device Status Monitoring

The DN-Monitor software provides real time monitoring status of all connected equipment as well as multi-screen video wall status. It can also display content and status; self-test and preview encoder signal source image; checks equipment and network status; and can send out abnormal warning messages through voice, SMS, and email.

“We are excited to extend our reach to the North American market by expanding our R&D investment and establishing our US headquarters in Silicon Valley,” said Arthur Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of Danacoid, Inc. “InfoComm is the ideal venue to meet with leading customers and partners in the Pro AV market while introducing our innovative product line and world class engineering, sales, and support organization to the US market.”

Concluded Co-Founder and COO Will Chye, “DyneNet is the tip of the iceberg of our Pro AV over IP solution offerings. We invite InfoComm attendees to visit us in Booth 1180 to also see how we have implemented our intelligent AV over IP ecosystem over standard 1G infrastructure with DyneCloudTM, and our patented DyneProTM PoE series of Dante enabled audio products.”

About Danacoid
Danacoid is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of intelligent networked AV over IP product solutions to the Pro AV markets, including broadcast, commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality, house of worship and transportation. As one of the major adopting members of the SDVoE alliance and licensed manufacturer of Dante, with expertise in 4K H.265 streaming, PoE, Cloud, and Data Visualization applications, Danacoid has developed the industry’s leading IP based AV architecture and powerful ecosystem software to easily integrate into its comprehensive line of Danacoid product families. Danacoid systems’ unique strength lies in their patent protected networking technology, which provides simplicity in system design, installation, tuning and maintenance. Its broad ecosystem offerings include the DyneNet™ 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Video over IP product family; DyneCloud™ distributive and interactive 4K H.265 networked AV over IP product family and DynePro™ Dante enabled, patented digital audio DSP and PoE PA over IP product family. Additional Danacoid offices are in China, Singapore, South Korea, Italy, Argentina and India. For more information, please visit www.danacoid.com. You can also contact us at [Email protected]; or call toll free at (888) 434-6630 or locally at (530) 924-0162.

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