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NUGEN Audio’s Post Bundle Provides Transparency for IMN Creative’s Immersive Audio Projects

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GLENDALE, CA, JUNE 6, 2019 – Re-recording mixer Mark Binder has worked with some of the most notable names in the TV and film industry, including the Russo brothers, J.J. Abrams and Mark Mangini. His resumé also boasts a variety of high-profile projects such as Star Trek, Paranormale Aktivität, Community, Channel Zero, Deadly Class und Super 8. With his immense knowledge and hands-on experience, Binder started his own post-production company and facility, IMN Creative and, since then, has relied on NUGEN Audio to enhance his mixes.

Binder was looking for a solution that would make his audio standardized in ITU-R B.S.1770 for broadcast. He also needed something that enabled him to comply to strict delivery specs, fit into the fluidity and speed of his workflow, and did not alter the tonality of the mix. Through his research, he came across NUGEN Audio and started adapting its solutions in the surround scheme.

“Mixers are artists, and I am a firm believer in the creative process,” says Binder. “In the post-production audio business, we get looked at as technicians instead of artists. I believe that George Lucas was right when he said, ‘sound and music are 50 percent of the entertainment in a movie.’ ”

One of NUGEN’s products that Binder finds particularly useful is LM-Correct. The ease of use and adaptable plug-in architecture provides Binder with the ability to do quick scans, while seeing the meter and scale allows him to adjust the mix immediately. Binder also uses the ISL True Peak limiter and credits the plug-in for its transparency and absoluteness.

“When doing stems, print mastering and tracks for film and TV, you don’t want color,” continues Binder. “NUGEN’s ISL doesn’t color your sound. At IMN Creative, we also work with musicians, and a lot of composers work in stereo, so ISL is a good solution for those projects, too.”

IMN Creative regularly uses NUGEN Audio’s Halo Upmix and Halo Downmix as well. “With Halo, you can manipulate anything, and it has a user-friendly interface that tells you exactly what it’s doing,” adds Binder. “It’s nice to see exactly what is happening in your surround field and where your energy is going.”

IMN Creative is also focusing on bringing immersive audio to live sound concerts. Binder is currently adapting NUGEN Audio’s plug-ins into venues, so he can use an immersive workflow in a live setting.

Information about the NUGEN Post Bundle and NUGEN Audio’s complete product offerings, is available at Www.nugenaudio.com.. Für alle anderen Anfragen senden Sie bitte eine E-Mail [Email protected].

Über NUGEN Audio

NUGEN Audio ist ein Hersteller innovativer und intuitiver professioneller Audio-Tools, die die fortschrittlichsten Lösungen der Broadcast- und Postproduktionsindustrie für Surround-Upmixing und Ende-zu-Ende-Loudness-Management, Messung und Korrektur von der Content-Akquisition bis zum Playout bereitstellen. Die Produkte des Unternehmens spiegeln die Produktionserfahrung des NUGEN Audio-Designteams in der realen Welt wider. Die Produkte des Unternehmens erleichtern die Bereitstellung qualitativ hochwertigen, kompatiblen Audiomaterials und sparen Zeit, Kosten und kreativen Prozess. Die Tools von NUGEN Audio für Audioanalyse, Loudness-Messung, Mixing / Mastering und Tracking werden von den weltweit führenden Namen in Broadcast, Postproduktion und Musikproduktion eingesetzt. Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie Www.nugenaudio.com.

Alle hierin enthaltenen Marken sind Eigentum der jeweiligen Besitzer.

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